2016 ELC Calendar


The 2016 ELC programme aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Deepen and enhance our Enneagram studies and knowledge through regular panel interview session
  • Incorporate a new type specific inquiry practice after every regular panel interview session to develop the self awareness of type specific habitual patterns in all of us
  • Heighten the path of development for the 9 types through a new quarterly event starting in Mar with Enneagram 3-6-9
  • Cultivate self-observation capacity through mindfulness meditation / body work during our quarterly events
  • Build a community that support each other’s growth and development through learning Enneagram

2016 calendar

Programme Schedule

Regular Panel Session

Frequency: Once a month, first Tuesday of the month

Dates: 3 May, 7 Jun, 5 Jul, 2 Aug, 6 Sep, 4 Oct, 1 Nov, 6 Dec, 3 Jan 2017

Time: 7.00pm – 9.30pm

Fees: FOC


7.00pm-7.30pm Introduction to the Enneagram / Registration

7.30pm-8.30pm Type Specific  Panel Interview (short teaching in the beginning, follow with a facilitated panel interview, and end with Q&A)

8.30pm-9.00pm Type Specific Inquiry in Trio (10 min each)

9.00pm-9.30pm Big group sharing


Quarterly Special Panel Event

Frequency: Once in 3 months, 3rd Tuesday of the month

Dates: 23 Mar (3-6-9), 21 Jun (1-4-7), 20 Sep (2-5-8), 20 Dec (Year-end Party)

Time: 7.00pm – 9.30pm

Fees: FOC


7.00pm-7.20pm Registration & Warm up activities

7.20pm-8.00pm Screening video on Path of Development for the 3 Enneagram Types for that quarter

8.00pm-8.30om Mindfulness Meditation / Body Work

8.30pm-9.30pm Panel Interview focuses on path of development and Q&A

EPTP Intensive   Typing Process