2016 ELC Events

The 2016 ELC programme aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Deepen and enhance our Enneagram studies and knowledge through regular panel interview session
  • Incorporate a new type specific inquiry practice after every regular panel interview session to develop the self awareness of type specific habitual patterns in all of us
  • Heighten the path of development for the 9 types through a new quarterly event starting in Mar with Enneagram 3-6-9
  • Cultivate self-observation capacity through mindfulness meditation / body work during our quarterly events
  • Build a community that support each other’s growth and development through learning Enneagram

ELC eventsSpecial Panel

Regular Panel Session

Frequency: Once a month, first Tuesday of the month

Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Past Events

19 Jan 2016: Type 2 Panel, facilitated by Judy Tan. Panellists: James Tan, Jane Pang, Ian Lye.

3 May 2016: Type 6 Panel, facilitated by James Tan. Panellists: Sim Guan Chua, Tang Seok Hian, Victor Tan.

7 Jun 2016: Type 3 Panel, facilitated by Judy Tan. Panellists: Angela Ho, Mari S. Espedal, Monika Steimle, Tan Swee Heng.

5 Jul 2016: Type 5 Panel, facilitated by Sim Guan Chua. Panellists: Graham Cox, Christina Huo, Chin Tze Meng.

2 Aug 2016: Type 8 Panel, facilitated by Alice Yuen. Panellists: Patricia Goh, Kris Tan.

1 Nov 2016: Type 4 Panel, facilitated by Sim Guan Chua. Panellists: GladDana Hu, Thomas Lee, Shiyan Lim.

Quarterly Special Panel Event

Frequency: Once in 3 months, 3rd Tuesday of the month

Time: 7.00pm – 9.30pm

Past Events

24 Feb 2016: Special 9 Types Panel, facilitated by Judy Tan. Panellists: Flavia Cucos (1), Xiaolin Li (2), Tan Swee Heng (3), Alice Yuen (4), Graham Cox (5), Tang Seok Hian (6), Jen Ang (7), Nicole Ling (8), Cynthia Zhai (9).

23 Mar 2016: Special 3-6-9 Panel, facilitated by Alice Yuen. Panellists: Monika Steimle (3), Ryan Lee (3), Dawn Oon (3), Lee Mun-Shiu  (6), Tang Seok Hian (6), Freeman Yue (6), Victor Tan (6), Sim Guan Chua (6), Liz Foster (9), Nanthida C (9), Jacki Nicholas (9), Darren Ong (9), Doreen Goh (9), Judy Tan (9).

21 Jun 2016: Special 1-4-7 Panel, facilitated by Judy Tan. Panellists: Choo Yuan Ting (1), Janet See (1), Kate Lazarenko (1), Alice Yuen (4), Ang Ying Xian (4), Francis Arios (4), GladDana Hu (4), Lim Shiyan (4), Chandan Partab (4), Jen Ang (7), Vernessa Chuah (7), Hasnah Rahman (7).

15 Sep 2016: Special 2-5-8 Panel, facilitated by Judy Tan. Panellists: James Tan (2), Ian Lye (2), Graham COx (5), Ched Lee (5), Nicole Ling (8), Kris Tan (8).

6 Dec 2016: Level of Development workshop, facilitated by Jen Ang.  

EPTP Intensive   Typing Process