Special 1-4-7 Panel Event


The objectives of this event are:

  • Cultivate self-observation capacity through mindfulness meditation / bodywork
  • Heighten the path of development for 1-4-7 through video screening and panel interview
  • Build a community that support each other’s growth and development through learning Enneagram

Program Details

Date: 21 Jun, Tuesday

Time: 7.00pm – 9.30pm

Fees: FOC

Venue: To be informed through confirmation email

Facilitator: Judy Tan, A Certified Enneagram Teacher in Narrative Tradition.

TYpe 147 v2

The Idealists Triad 

Types 1-4-7 hold an idealistic view of the world and feel frustrated when life fails to reach the idealized view.

  • Type Ones
    • Seek the perfect world according to their internal standards of the way things ought to be and are frustrated that this doesn’t happen.
    • Don’t appreciate the variations and differences possible in life and focusing on making things right.
  • Type Fours
    • Seek the ultimate ideal world in which nothing of importance or substance is missing and are frustrated and disappointed that this rarely happens.
    • Don’t appreciate the wholeness in all there is by focusing on what is missing.
  • Type Sevens
    • Seek an ideal, positive world that is free of suffering and pain, and seek something new and positive when frustration occurs.
    • Don’t appreciate all of life in the present moment and focusing on the future.


  • 7.00pm-7.20pm Registration & Warm up activities
  • 7.20pm-8.00pm Video Screening of 1-4-7
  • 8.00pm-8.30om Bodywork by Ched Lee
  • 8.30pm-9.30pm Panel Interview of 1 4 7 focuses on path of development and Q&A
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