Teacher Certification

Course Requirements

Application for Internship

After completing the 3 mandatory courses for the teacher certification, you can apply to start your internship by contacting the Internship Coordinator, Renee Rosario, at renee@enneagramworldwide.com. Registration fees for the Internship is US$200. Renee will provide you with all the required information for the internship.

Internship Requirements

The Internship provides a supportive structure for gaining practice as an Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition. The intern needs to conduct 18 individual Typing Interviews and 2 Panel Interviews. During the internship, the intern needs to engage a Coach from the Narrative Tradition to review the selected recorded interviews for feedback and guidance.

18 Typing Interviews, 8 recorded by the Intern and reviewed by a Coach. The goal is to develop your skill and content knowledge so that you can conduct a typing interview according to the protocol, as demonstrated in the Typing Process class.

2 Panel Interviews, with a 10-minute introduction to the panel, recorded by the intern and reviewed by a Coach. The goal is to gain the skills and capacities needed to effectively facilitate a panel as demonstrated in the Narrative Tradition.

Certification Process

After completing the 18 Typing Interviews and 2 Panel Interviews, the Certifier needs to attend the 6-day Enneagram Intensive course again to demonstrate the Panel Interviewing skills facilitated by the course instructor with the course participants.

Total Investment for Teacher Certification

For people who are pursuing the Teacher Certification track, the costing below will give you a ballpark figure of your overall investment:

Enneagram Narrative Core Programs (using early-bird pricing)

The EPTP Intensive: S$2,340

The Typing Process: S$1,170

Instincts & Subtypes: S$810

The EPTP Intensive: S$2,340 (attending as a certifier)

Total: S$6,660


10 coaching sessions (@ US$100 each) = US$1,000

Registration Fee: US$200

Total Cost for Internship: US$1,200 (About S$1,680)

Overall Investment is  about S$8,340

More details of the Internship and Teacher Certification process will be given during the 6-day Enneagram Intensive.

EPTP Intensive   Typing Process