Typing Interview

What is Enneagram

Enneagram is a powerful and dynamic personality system that offers profound insights of nine distinct and fundamentally different patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Its power lies in the accuracy and depth of the personality descriptions and the transformational path it offers. It is also the most practical system for increasing emotional intelligence in work and personal life.

The Interview Process

If you are new to Enneagram and do not know your type, engaging an experienced Enneagram teacher who has been trained in typing and is competent to help people identifying their type would definitely help you in typing yourself. Because most people are either not so Enneagram savvy or not so self-aware or objective about ourselves; we all have blind spots and tend to think we are better than who we are. An experienced Enneagram teacher will be able to provide the missing links and objective interpretations.

Judy Tan is a certified Narrative Tradition Enneagram Teacher. The interview will take around 90 minutes. A short introduction of the Enneagram will be given in the beginning, follow with a short overview of the interview process. Basically, the interviewer will go around the Enneagram circle in a systemic way, and arrive at 2 to 3 likely possibilities of the interviewee’s personality type at the end of the interview.

The one-on-one typing interview is a journey of discovering your specific focus of attention and personality traits. The teacher will be collecting data and providing information about the differences among types, and guiding you toward an understanding of your personality type. At the end of the interview, you would have a deeper self-awareness and insights about your personality patterns and emotional habits, as well as direction for personal growth and professional development.

As Enneagram is a self-discovery process, Judy encourages her clients continue their exploration of their type even after the interview because at the end of the day, only they can confirm whether her interpretations are really true for them.

Service Fee

Our service fee is a sliding scale based on individual’s monthly income:

  • $100 per session for monthly income of $2500 and above
  • $50 per session for monthly income below $2500

Taking Online Test

The client is required to take a free online test before the meeting.


The content of the interview will be kept strictly confidential between Judy and the interviewee.

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