Multimedia Centre

The multimedia centre features videos of the Enneagram Masters Roundtable, the Enneagram Studies of 9 Types and the world’s leading Enneagram authorities in their respective teachings.

Enneagram Masters Roundtable

Enneagram master teachers including Russ Hudson, Dr. David Daniels, Tom Condon, Dr. Deb Oten, Dr. Jerry Wagner, Sandra De Clercq and Claus Roager Olsen

Enneagram Studies of 9 Types
  • Type 1 – 9
The Enneagram in Narrative Tradition
  • Helen Palmer
  • Peter O’Hanrahan
The Enneagram and Russ Hudson
  • Russ Hudson
The Enneagram in Relationship
  • Helen Palmer
  • Terry  Saracino
The Enneagram in Business
  • Ginger Lapid-Bogda
The Enneagram in Spirituality
  • Helen Palmer
  • Sandra Maitri
The Enneagram Subtypes
  • Peter O’Hanrahan
  • Beatrice Chestnut
  • Claudio Naranjo



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