Effective Teamwork

The Enneagram help us increase self-awareness and offers opportunities for paradigm shifts out of our comfort zone and empower us to make more intelligent decisions and choices, reduce stress, stay centered and manage personal reactivity.

The Enneagram can help work team:

  • Identify the strengths and challenges of nine personality styles in the workplace
  • Build rapport, reduce conflict and cooperate at higher levels of effectiveness
  • Welcome diversity and maximize each person’s highest contribution
  • Tap greater resources in others by providing specific suggestions for each member’s professional development and a clear path to personal mastery

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Free Enneagram Intro Workshop

Date: 20 Jan 2018

Time: 2pm-5pm

Facilitators: Judy Tan & Alice Yuen

Objective: Provide an overview of the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition


  • What is the Enneagram
  • The 3 centres of intelligence
  • The 9 personality types
  • Strengths and challenges of each type
  • Growth path for each type
  • Reality of change
  • Panel Interview

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EPTP Intensive   Typing Process

The EPTP Intensive

Date: Sep 29 - Oct 4 2018, Sat-Thurs

Trainer: Peter O'Hanrahan

25% Discount before 31 Dec 2017


The Enneagram Intensive allows a holistic and experiential learning experience not only in the mind but also in the heart and in the body.

Even people who know the enneagram well find value in participating, learning from hearing the panels, being on the panels, sharing their story and their path of growth.

The program includes type panels, 12 powerful guided meditations pre-recorded by Helen Palmer, short didactics, self-observation and movement practices, small-group exercises and discussions.

Benefits of workshop:

This 6-day intensive program offers a deep, transformative experience of the Enneagram, focusing on the integration of psychology, spirituality and somatic, which gives people the deepest learning experience about the enneagram for their own personal development, as well as their professional development.

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Better Relationships

The Enneagram allows us to look deeply within ourselves and to create healthier relationships. Through an appreciation of each other’s worldview, the Enneagram helps us to be more compassionate and receptive to the differences, and gives us tools to work together through conflicts. Understanding how subtypes influence our behavior and attention helps us manage our own reactivity and be more sensitive to the needs and concerns of others.

The Enneagram can help couples:

  • See and understand from the other person’s point of view instead of from their own lenses
  • Build compassion and do not take the other person’s behavior personally

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The Typing Process

Date: Oct 5-7  2018, Fri-Sun

Trainer: Peter O'Hanrahan

25% Discount before 31 Dec 2017


The Typing Process is an intense and rigorous learning through presentation and discussion, demonstration, conducting short type panels, working in small group to formulate questions and practising interviewing skills with real interview subject.


Use Enneagram for your professional work as a coach or counsellor to help your clients determining their type.

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