Pre-Marital Workshop

Many people spend a lot of time, energy and money on a wedding ceremony that  last a few hours. But they spend little time acquiring relationship skills needed to build a marriage that could last many years.

Learning Objectives

Our premarital workshop aims to prepare couple for long-term commitment. We coach couples to celebrate their strengths of the relationship, to explore areas of their relationship  that would benefit from discussion, and to discover areas that have not been explored before.


The workshop is based on the PREPARE/ENRICH Program developed by Dr David H. Olson, Ph.D.  Over 2.5 million couples have taken the PREPARE/ENRICH Program (5 million people) since it began in 1980.

PREPARE/ENRICH is a customized couple assessment that identifies a couple’s strength and growth areas.  Based on a couple’s assessment results, the facilitator provides feedback to help the couple discuss and  understand their results and address the areas of concerns through skill building exercises.

In the first session, couple will take a 30 to 45-minute Personal and Relationship Evaluation.  The focus for the second, third and fourth sessions will be on the results of the assessment as well as  other issues as they arise. This is a valuable opportunity to concentrate on under-discussed areas  and remove “surprises” from the relationship after the marriage.

The time spent on each topic will vary depending on the unique needs and desires of each couple.  Additional sessions may be scheduled at the couple’s discretion.

The following are typical areas that will be discussed:

  • Areas of Strength and Growth
  • Family of Origin (Family Connections)
  • In-law Issues
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Roles and Expectations (Housework, Parenting)
  • Communication (Love Languages & Love Maps)
  • Sexual Intimacy (Gender Differences)
  • Financial Management
  • Personal, Couples & Family Goals
  • Other Areas of Concerns

Target Audience: Individual couple.

Prerequisite: The couple is required to take a Enneagram typing interview prior to the this workshop in order to have a good understanding of the conflicts and difficulties arise due to personality differences.

Cost: $400 for 4 sessions. Additional $30 per couple for Personal and Relationship Evaluation

Language: English / Mandarin

Time: 4 sessions of 2 hrs each (8 hrs total).

Venue: Blk 87 Commonwealth Close #01-39, Singapore 140087

Registration: Enrol Now! 

Facilitator: Judy Tan

EPTP Intensive   Typing Process