Common Enneagram Questions

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Question: Can Christian use Enneagram for spiritual development?

Answer: Because the origin of the Enneagram is unclear, and there’re some misinformation about its root that has caused some concerns for Christians. Kathy Hurley and Theodorre Donson have written an article on 2001 in response to Pacwa’s criticism of the Enneagram.

The article has made a conclusion at the end : “Thus, we believe that the Enneagram is not only compatible with Christian beliefs, it actually has evolved from them. Further, it is based on human experience. While it has not been the subject of much strict modern scientific research, it has been exposed to and refined by the experience of thousands if not millions of people. Its authenticity comes from its accurate insight into human nature. This knowledge is helpful in self-understanding, which is the first step on the spiritual path according to many teachers of the spiritual life like Teresa of Avila. Therefore it supports healthy relationship with self, others, the world and God. That’s why spiritual directors and seekers are attracted to it….”

The full article link is here.

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