EQ and Enneagram Workshop

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is something more important than IQ when you are progressing higher in your career. It is also a key success factor in intimate and work relationship.

According to study, the higher you go in the organization, the more Emotional Intelligence (EQ) you need to become a “star” performer. If you find yourself stuck in your career, maybe it’s time to take a look of what’s missing…

The good news is EQ is something you can learn and Enneagram is a very powerful tool to help you increase your EQ because you need to know where you’re stuck and then be able to get out.
EQ and IQ

Workshop Purpose: Provide an overview of Emotional Intelligence and the Enneagram personality system, and the key development areas for each type to increase the capacity of Emotional Intelligence.

Workshop Scope:

  • What is EQ
  • Importance of EQ
  • What is Enneagram
  • The 3 centres of intelligence
  • The 9 personality types
  • Type specific development to increase EQ
  • The key to self-mastery

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