Special 2-5-8 Panel Event


The objectives of this event are:

  • Learn Spring Forest Qigong to direct the healing energy for better and even undo the worse
  • Heighten the path of development for 2-5-8 through video screening and panel interview
  • Build a community that support each other’s growth and development through learning Enneagram

Program Details

Date: 15 Sep, Thursday

Time: 7.00pm – 9.30pm

Fees: FOC

Venue: To be informed through confirmation email

Facilitator: Judy Tan, A Certified Enneagram Teacher in Narrative Tradition.


  • 7.00pm-7.20pm Registration & Warm up activities by James Tan
  • 7.20pm-8.00pm Video Screening of 2-5-8
  • 8.00pm-8.30pm Spring Forest Qigong Energy Healing by Agnes Lau
  • 8.30pm-9.30pm Panel Interview by Judy Tan focuses on path of development and Q&A

Spring Forest Qigong

Spring Forest Qigong is a Qigong that combines breathing, movements, mind & meditation, and sounds, to bring about healing & well-being. Yet it is the vibration of the energy of love, kindness & forgiveness that is truly healing.

The Spring Forest Qigong’s creator, Chunyi Lin, has the vision: “A healer in every family and a world without pain.” He developed Spring Forest Qigong to simply & powerfully open energy channels & maintain energy balance – of body, mind, emotions & spirit.

Agnes Lau is passionate about energy healing, learning & using many modalities over the past two decades. She feels she has finally arrived “home” with Spring Forest Qigong, & is excited to share with you.

 The 2-5-8 Triad 

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Type 2-5-8 Table

Path of Development for 2-5-8

The path for 2-5-8 is to release from the deep concerns about rejection and to open the heart to the natural flow of love and life energy.

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