Enneagram Narrative Core Program

What is Narrative Tradition


The Narrative Tradition is a teaching method that promotes an experiential exploration of each personality type and offers a transformative experience of the Enneagram. By listening to representatives of each Enneagram type in the panel sharing their personal stories and revealing their inner worlds and realities, you have a direct and unique learning experience on how to discover and recognize different type patterns.

The panel interviews bring the Enneagram alive through meaningful conversation and insights. Through this interactive panel interview method, the Narrative Tradition demonstrates the types, their struggles, dilemmas, strengths and paths of development. The types continuously teach us about themselves at ever deepening levels of awareness, and we learn from exploring with them.

The Enneagram is a self-discovery process, only you can determine your type by coming to know and understand your own focus of attention, core beliefs, coping strategies and path of development. The primary value of the Enneagram does not come from identifying your type based on external behaviours, but from a deeper understanding of how behavioural patterns relate to your focus of attention, motivation and personal experience.

Watch video clips of the nine Enneagram types speaking for themselves in the Narrative Tradition.

Why study with Narrative Tradition

The Enneagram Professional Training Program (EPTP) was created by Helen Palmer and David Daniels, MD, in 1988 to train and certify Enneagram Teachers in the Narrative Tradition.

The Narrative Tradition has the largest Enneagram teacher network and its certification program EPTP is considered to be the oldest Enneagram teachers training program in the world. During the past 25 years, more than 3,000 participants have attended the EPTP in 16 countries worldwide, and more than 1000 have become Certified Enneagram teachers.

What people appreciate most of the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition

Benefits of Working with Enneagram


Enneagram Narrative Core Program

If you are seeking a foundation in the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition, the Enneagram Narrative Core Program is the place to begin. Whether you are new to the Enneagram or a long-time student, this program provides a unique, life-changing experience that will deepen your understanding of yourself and others.

The Enneagram Narrative Core Program consists of the following courses:

Our program is set within a rich context of self-observation practices, practical exercises for each type, directed meditations, movement exercises, and facilitated interactions between the types.

You may begin this program without a commitment to take all three courses. If you are aspired to teach the Enneagram, you will take certification track for Enneagram Teachers in the Narrative Tradition. For details, click the Teachers Certification.

If you are only interested to use the Enneagram for your professional work as a coach or counsellor, or for your own personal development, you may choose to take the 6-day Enneagram Intensive or the 3-day Typing Process or the 2-day Instincts and Subtypes without a commitment to complete the Teacher Certification.

EPTP Intensive   Typing Process